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Hair Salon Near Me

End Your Search for a Quality Hair Salon Near Me At Neja Cosmetics.

If there is availability in the schedule at Neja Cosmetics, you will have found the best in your search for high end hair salons near me in the San Francisco Area. Because Nellie Muganda has extensive experience in celebrity and bridal hair cuts, color, and makeup services across the nation she is in high demand and her appointments book fast, but if you can get in you will not find a better salon chair in the entire Bay area.
Why does it matter if the salon is "high end". Quality matters when it comes to a hair cut. The term "it's just hair, it will grow back" is blasphemy. We treat you and your hair with the care you deserve. Even if you are scheduling "just a trim" you will receive artful care that takes the health of your hair into consideration as well as the latest styles, your wishes, and the shape of your face. If you color your hair, a skilled colorist is an absolute must because it is all too easy for an inexperienced or unskilled stylist to get the color tones wrong or worse damage your hair. You may pay a little more for a high-end hair salon, but you receive quality and assurance that your hair will be in the best care possible.
You can trust the quality at Neja Cosmetics because of extensive experience, great training, rave reviews, and open communication. Nellie is in demand and raved about by her clients and she still travels to movie sets occasionally when a celebrity friend draws her out of her salon and back into the bright lights because they know her work is the best.

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