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Nellie Muganda has always strived to understand her customers needs in order to help them achieve their needs.  Her philosophy is to keep things simple and easy, because a fresh and flawless skin makes a woman look beautiful and glamorous.

She sees a face as a canvas that can be enhanced with great skin care products and cosmetics.  Achieving a flawless and glowing skin requires products that are appropriate to your individual needs or skin type.

Nellie will take time to work with you to achieve that desired look and then will only recommend products that are appropriate for your needs and skin type.

Prior to opening Neja Cosmetics in 1999, Nellie Muganda was one of the country’s most sought-after make up artists.  She spent years flying coast-to-coast for photo shoots, fashion shows, TV commercials and CD covers.  She continues to dash off to make up major stars when they are in the Bay Area, L.A. and New York for photo shoots or Press Junkets.


Nellie brought her experience and expertise over the years on upper Fillmore street where she became the favorite of Bay Area celebrities, brides and business women and is now located on Union street.  Her experience has helped her create a niche, handpicking products from many lines and customizing the selections for each client. 


When she is not working with celebrities, Nellie devotes a large part of her business to brides.  She starts advising bride’s months before the wedding so that hair, eyebrows, and skin are ready for the final touches just before their special day.  For a larger group, Nellie will call on her colleagues who have worked with her on photo shoots to come and help in a way that will help the day go smoothly.


Because of Nellie’s expertise and knowledge, she has written articles on beauty and make-up application for Salon City magazine, Martha Stewart, and San Francisco Magazine.

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